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How to Flash LYF Jio F320b Flash File

Install Qualcomm Driver

1- Download the LYF F320b Flash file which consists of File, Tool & Driver.
2- Install Driver
3- Connect Phone in Off mode and Press Boot key Up Dpad+ Down Dpad or center key
4- It will make port named “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9091”
5- It means the driver has been installed successfully.
6- Copy Only Flash File Folder In C driver.
7- Open Flashtool
8- Select File Folder Location
9- Click On Download

 LYF-F320B-002-02-56-250322 :- Click Here

Lyf-F320b-002-02-37-130921 :-  Click Here

LYF-F320B-002-01-83-131020  :- Click Here

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